Cross Country

by Cross Country

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Cross Country is a concept album that takes multiple paths to (hopefully) reach the same emotional conclusion.


released January 15, 2014

Recorded at The Mountain Cabin in Golden, Colorado
Cross Country is:
Andrew Twopence- vocals, guitar, lyrics
Conor Harris- lyrics, vocals, guitar
"Party" Marty Andrie- trumpet, sex, timber
"Dad?" Andrew Epperson- timber, being really nice, not being a chode
Ed "Catch'n'Release" Mulhern- fishing lines, transportation, petting puppies




Cross Country Boise, Idaho

yeah uh, thanks fox news, we're just two sad boys trying to make the american dream come true. party hard, buy local. no soliciting.

andrew and conor run and write music together in boise, idaho, and would be delighted to hear from you
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Track Name: Subtle Hug
Step inside the room
Our eyes they will not lock tonight

Ask me how I am
I don't think we will touch tonight

Walk around the town
I swear we will not kiss tonight

Take me to your room
I swear we will not fuck tonight
Take it slow

Getting out of bed
I see you in the morning light

Drive away too soon I swear I won't remember you
Track Name: Moving Out
you're finding strangers easily
I live in a world of familiarity

are you safe or are you warm?
does your love still hold its form?

will you forget where you are from?
a blue denial of the things you've done

I'll write you letters every day
doesn't matter what they say

fall asleep under a different sky
I won't move on but I'll try

I'll write you letters every day
doesn't matter what they say
sometimes you feel so far away
we've both got nothing to say
Track Name: Supermarket
wanted you in the supermarket
we are both gonna die
crashed my car in the parking lot
trying to catch your eye

this plain white bed will hold me
until you are no longer by my side

I'm so glad we won't live forever
because I can barely breathe right now
and there's nobody but you who can make it better
ain't no way no how

fuck Jefferson County it's too bright there's too much snow
I like to pretend I've been around before but I'm just so scared, you know
now my breathing is counted by machines
so I don't need you anymore
please just go
Track Name: Holding Patterns
I'm sorry I can't hear you
when you're talking in your sleep
I know we've both got dreams and secrets
and they are just so hard to keep

and maybe if we lock our fingers together
and maybe if we hold on real tight
we won't argue, we won't fight
and maybe we can make it through the night

don't let her go
she's worth more than you know
don't let her go
she's worth more than you

watch me try to wake you up
as you shiver and you sweat
watch you tell me in your sleep
"sugar, this nightmare, it ain't over yet"

and I will leave because you're perfect
and I'm just here for recreation
and my disappointments always stem
from unrealistic expectations

don't let her go
she's worth more thank you know
don't let her go
she's worth more

don't let her know
she's the air below
don't let her know
she's worth more than you

don't let her know
she's worth more than you
Track Name: Shiver
we're getting lost tonight
I can't find your voice
I'll follow you by the hand

you don't wanna see everything
that goes on around here
I know you wanna see me happy

but you don't see
I can't breathe in this atmosphere
sometimes it's hard to be happy

I can't stand the weather
it's too cold for us to be together
I've got on too many layers
I'm still shivering underneath

keep me warm
keep me happy

we weren't born
to be happy
just torn and alive